Whether it is brown spots, age spots, freckles, “liver spots”, or pigmented lesions,  you name it we all pretty much have them! There are several creams out there that can help fade them, but only a laser can remove the pigment out of the skin for good!

Remember to always have your spots checked by a Doctor before you decide you want them removed!

How does it work?

The laser pulls all the pigment to the surface, creating a flat scab and 3 to 5 day the scab falls off!! Once a spot is removed it could always re-appear, or we can get new ones every summer, this is why it’s so important to wear a SPF!

Is the process painful?

The laser emits light in very short flashes called pulses. The impact of the energy from the powerful pulse of light is similar to the snap of a thin rubberband. After the treatment, the area will feel similar to a slight sunburn. Typically, within a day or so, any discomfort disappears. The area may remain reddened for one to three weeks. After the redness clears, the skin is returned to its natural smooth coloring and texture.

What skin types does it work on?

Cynosure Lasers are safe and effective on all skin types!

How many treatments are required?

At least 50% of all common pigmented lesions are removed with one treatment. If a lesion covers a large area, if may be treated in several stages to avoid unnecessary comfort.

Before & After

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